Bulgarian girls, like all Balkan citizens, are hot-blooded and energetic party lovers. They make every day bright and try not to focus on the bad stuff. Passionate and naturally beautiful, Bulgarian ladies conquer the hearts of guys from all over the world, from Europe to the Americas.

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What should you know about Bulgarian dating culture?

Just like in any other case, you should know the main aspects of dating Bulgarian women, Bulgarian women characteristics, and any difficulties or misunderstandings that might occur. Below, you’ll see what you should pay attention to and what’s great about Bulgarian dating culture.

Peculiarities of dating a Bulgarian girl

Although Bulgarian ladies are really friendly and open to anything new, keep in mind: they’re not that easy. They know what they’re worth and love it when guys show their character and power.

Bulgarian Dating Guide

In Bulgaria, you always need to pay for dinner if you invite a girl. If you accept her offer to split the bill or at least give tips, it’ll mean to her that you’re just friends. A Bulgarian woman will treat her boyfriend seriously if he takes care of her, always brings her home after a date, and never talks about the future. The thing with dating Bulgarian women is that they don’t trust guys who talk about the far-away future as they don’t always fulfill those plans. The less you talk about it, the more trust you gain.

Another peculiarity is that Bulgarian women are hot-tempered and emotional. Hence, the arguments can be bitter. At the same time, any big positive change or event in your girlfriend’s life will be full of (joyful) tears, laughter, and everyone around will know about it.

Main perks of Bulgarian women dating

Despite all the difficult moments, dating a Bulgarian girl is always fun and exciting. You’ll never get bored, hungry, or feel needless with her. Bulgarians love taking care of their loved ones! Bulgarian girls always try their best to impress their partners with great leisure time, delicious home-cooked meals, and just making them drown in love.

Bulgarian dating culture

Bulgarian women are great cooks. They tend to make three-course meals, so you’ll always have fresh and tasty food at home. Bulgarian girls take care of themselves, so the food is usually healthy and low in fat. But sure, they can’t resist their local burek pastries or beef kebab. Plus, they excel in hospitality. Every time they are expecting guests, their house will shine, and the tables will crumble (because of all the food they’ve cooked). The girls may even come up with some entertainment if they’re in the right mood.

Another perk of Bulgarian ladies dating is that they’re independent and feminine. They’ve struggled for years of discrimination and other political or social disasters. Yet, this made them even more powerful. Although in Bulgarian culture relationships the man takes care of his girl, Bulgarian ladies are also great at taking care of themselves. These ladies handle their own problems and don’t complain about every small detail. This is a perfect combination of the main traits of a modern, open-minded woman.

How to date a Bulgarian girl? Top tips

To have the best dating experience with Bulgarian brides online and offline, you should learn some simple tips. Keep them in mind, and you’ll never have issues while dating a Bulgarian woman.

Physical and emotional strength holds the key

Bulgarian women fall for strong guys who can handle their emotions and be the real masters of the house. They usually pick men who know how to (a) handle household chores, (b) defend themselves and their ladies, (c) are into sports or at least have the physical power to carry their ladies home with their hands.

Bulgarian women

Bulgarian girls love real, serious dates

Taking your date for a cup of coffee or a cocktail after work isn’t what you need to do with hot bulgarian women. They don’t take it seriously during the first steps of getting to know each other. These girls love when a whole date is arranged for them. Pick her up at the apartment, take her to a restaurant. Then, maybe go to the cinema or a cozy bar, and bring her home. Don’t forget about some flowers or a small gift you picked for her.

Forget about a 3-day or any other rule in the book

Bulgarian ladies love dating guys with a character. Don’t wait for three days to call. Just do it right on the day after you meet! Show your full affection to the lady. Don’t use any pick-up lines—they never work on Bulgarian girls. Better be more insisting and persuasive. Otherwise, she might meet another guy who won’t wait to arrange the next date.

With all this knowledge about dating Bulgarian women, you’ll never have a problem with any of them. Keep in mind the main points, and you’ll surely win your dream woman’s heart. Good luck searching for the perfect lady!