What makes Bulgarian women so special? How can someone differentiate them from the women representing other nations? Although Bulgarian women are from Eastern Europe, they can be said to be different in many senses, taking into account their physical appearance. Of course, there’s much common when comparing them with Russian and Ukrainian ladies, given their common Slavic origins. Still, owing to the long history and rich culture, Bulgarian women have something that makes them distinct and unique.

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The difference contributing to their unique features can be attributed to the sway of different cultures, traditions, and nations. Throughout history, Bulgaria was influenced by different superpowers like Russia, Ottomans, Byzantine, and so on. Also, according to some people, these women tend to be like gypsies. In other words, these ladies represent many features taking after several nations and people. Read on to know more about the features of these women from Eastern Europe.

Detailed look at Bulgarian women characteristics

What are Bulgarian women like? Simply put, these women tend to be cute and good in shape. What’s more, they have appealing beauty that makes men interested. If you’re interested in dating Slavic ladies, these girls won’t let you down, especially by their physical features. Find out more about them.

Physical features of Bulgarian ladies

In the modern world, where men and women don’t stick to strict diets or don’t go to gyms, it’s harder to find a woman appealing by her appearance and shape. Yet, when it comes to Bulgarian women, this isn’t the case. Here are some interesting and unique physical features to know:

  • Most of them have curly hair. Indeed, when you see a Slavic lady with wavy and curly hair, she might be from Eastern part of Europe. The color of these girls might be different, but the more dominant color will be dark.
  • Most of them are swarthy but not like South Europeans. Indeed, thanks to beaches and sunny weather, these ladies are darker than other Slavic women, but still, with lighter skin than those living in Spain, Italy, etc.
  • Most of them are in good shape. Indeed, it’s hard to come across ladies who will be obese or overweight. But, when comparing their height with other Slavic girls, it’s clear that Bulgarian ladies are shorter.
  • Casual dressing is more preferred by these ladies. If you spot a lady of Slavic origin with a gypsy-like appearance, she can be from Bulgaria, yet don’t forget that she’ll most probably have make-up, as ladies from this country are obsessed with their appearance.

Bulgarian facial characteristics

When it comes to their skin and its color, Bulgarian women are really cute and appealing. This is felt in their facial skin as well, which makes them even more appealing to other men. Although it’s hard to highlight the specific color of their eyes, their facial appearance and expressions are really distinct. The best example is definitely Nina Dobrev known for her appearance in Vampire Diaries. Here are some interesting things to know:

  • Small faces: in general, these ladies are quite cute, and this effect is influenced by their smaller faces.
  • Enchanting look: despite no specific color, their eyes are relatively big, when considering their smaller faces.
  • Bigger lips: another interesting and appealing side is their lips, which are bigger and look more seductive.
  • Small cheeks and nose: the main reason why their lips look bigger is smaller size of nose and cheeks, yet their proportion makes them look cute.
Bulgarian ladies

Other features of Bulgarian ladies

Besides their physical features and traits, these ladies are very emotional and active by nature. Other interesting features you may discover are as follows:

  • They’re quite polite and well-mannered.
  • They’re good cooks, a skill that they learn from childhood.
  • They’re too traditional and religious unlike other Slavic ladies.
  • They don’t easily trust foreigners.
  • They adore gentlemen and courtship.

Bottom line

A lady with thin bones, longer hands, tanned and smooth skin, a cute face, and captivating eyes could be from Bulgaria. There are so many ladies from Bulgaria that work as models nowadays. Although they’re fit and gorgeous, they invest a lot to look even better, and that’s why they always look much younger than their real age.