The more carefully you choose your platform, the better experience you’ll have online. It’s something you should never forget when dating online, as more and more scam platforms emerge on the web. The best way to avoid scams is to know and detect them. What’s more, you should understand when you’re communicating with scam profiles or people online. Don’t forget that not all glitter is gold. So, whenever you become a member of the dating platform, your discretion is a must.

What Are The Best Bulgarian Dating Sites In 2024?

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What is an online dating scam? Detecting Bulgarian dating scams

When dating Eastern European ladies, you might be enchanted by the beauty of the profiles, but don’t forget that you can be dealing with Bulgarian dating scams. But who are they? Or how can you spot them? Here are some ways of identifying them:

  • Profile signs: when interacting with such scams, you’ll spot that they don’t have many photos, or they can look too ideal, not to mention the limited or no information on their profiles.
  • Trying to move to other platforms: such scammers do their best to shift from the platform you’re on, and they’ll offer other platforms instead, especially at the initial stages of your communication.
  • Showing too much care and love: another suspicious behavior is how fast they’ll profess their love to you. They’ll send you seductive and erotic messages of how they want you right now, but that’s too early.
  • No video chat options: whenever you want to have a video call, you’ll face thousands of lame excuses like being outside, not having a camera on the computer, and so on. They’ll do their best to avoid visual connection.
  • Money and gift requests: all of a sudden, perhaps after 2 or 3 days of interaction, you’ll learn that they have a birthday, and it means you, as a gentleman, should send them a gift or at least money. You’ll face different ways of how they want you to empty your pocket.
  • Inconsistencies in communication: there can be several people writing on the behalf of the profile that’s interacting with you. Thus, you can spot some inconsistencies. For example, one day you’ll know that she doesn’t have children, while on the next day, you may find out that she has 3 kids.
Bulgarian dating scams

How to avoid online dating scams?

Online fraud is common, and thus, if you’re prepared enough, then there’s nothing you can worry about. Here are some tips on how you can avoid Bulgarian dating scams:

  • Find only trusted and reputable platforms: if you’re interested in a sexy and passionate Bulgarian lady, you need to find the most reliable platform that will offer ultimate safety and high quality of the profile.
  • Know and detect scams: being loved by someone can be great, but you need to be sure that such feeling is sincere enough, so be ready to spot such quasi-sincere fake profiles to avoid problems and fiascos.
  • Use reviews prepared by experts: reading reviews is one of the best ways of how you can choose a reliable platform and avoid scams online. Thus, never rush to choose a platform randomly.
  • Check the reputation of the sites: what is important to know about online dating scams? Much is about the reputation of the site that you should consider, and thus, you better check whether the site is popular and reliable.
  • Try the site for free: one of the best efficient tips on how to avoid scams is to delay using paid services online. Check whether the site has a free trial so that you can understand and assess the platform.
Bulgarian scams

What is a real and no scam dating site?

Great safety measures, top-notch quality profiles, and responsive customer support may ensure that you’re on the most reliable dating site. Here’s the list of the top 3 Bulgarian dating sites where you don’t have to worry about Bulgarian dating scams:

  1. JollyRomance: it’s a unique dating site offering a chance to meet ladies of Slavic origins. Besides higher levels of online support, it offers an impressive range of profiles and prides its profile quality. It’s one of the best sites where you can find Bulgarian ladies online.
  2. BravoDate: it’s another international dating site offering a chance to meet ladies from all over the world. With the main focus on Slavic and Bulgarian ladies, you’ll find your single-minded ladies within a short time.
  3. Kiss Russian Beauty: one of the international dating sites offering a great range of Russian and other Slavic ladies to choose from. With a simple and intuitive interface, your adventure will be incredible and productive, and there’s no need to worry about scams and fake profiles.


The best way to avoid dating scams is to find a decent dating platform that will ensure data protection, quality of the profiles, and online support. Besides, be careful enough to spot scam profiles so that you won’t become their victim. Be ready to ace your journey in dating Bulgarian ladies and look out for real women!